Borja Borja, so good they named him twice. Nation Player 25 GK ESP: Unai Simón: 30 FW ESP: Gorka Guruzeta: 31 MF ESP: Peru Nolaskoain: Transfer. @Avatar N I think he is 27 years now but he can still be a good rotational player. Others were either loaned out last season to Segunda clubs to continue their development, while others stayed with the B team in Segunda B. Baskonia play in the regional division, and to be honest, in game I tend to use them as a dumping ground for those players who are realistically never going to contribute to the first team as their division is inactive. Realistically Remiro and Simon have good potential and should be given the chance. Check out the profiles/cards of all the players who played at Athletic Club. He has a fantastic attribute spread and could easily slot in next to Martinez, especially if you preferred to utilise San Jose's talents in a midfield role. Youth Intake Day and the period immediately after. I'd be conflicted about signing him to be honest given Athletic generally only go for people who weren't born in the region if they were trained in it. There was a famous incident in December 1975, just 15 days after the death of Franco, in which Iribar and Kortabarria, rival captains of Athletic and Real Sociedad, carried the Basque flag – illegal at the time – onto the pitch before a local derby. FIFA 18 Athletic Bilbao Player Faces | Like if you are happy with the faces :) Note: La Real (Real Sociedad, Athletic Club’s major rival) has most of the young Basque talent outside of Athletic’s youth setup. Can you try winning the champions League in league 2 challenge, Ye agree it would take some time to a rebuild with a team like that It would be interesting, Or give a billion budget to a league 2 team it would be good as well, Please in your videos can you tell people to subscribe to my brothers channel, Make a rebuild with the nottingan forrest. Given Yeray and Unai Nunez coming through, the requirement for a defender like Martinez is lowered. Scouts 6 and 7 - Scouting Segunda B (3rd tier), under 19s only. Statistics Check out the profiles/cards of all the players who played at Athletic Club. A strong midfielder who would provide an excellent option though if available. FIFA 20 Career Mode, Athletic Bilbao follow a strict player and transfer policy, BASQUE ONLY. A year left on his contract and Lazio are sniffing around. You can of course add a few extras, however I tend to find after the first couple of seasons any outliers (e.g. In game, given United's strength in midfield it's very possible a lack of game time will see him wanting to move on. 2019-2020 - this was more like it. Following the additional of Yuri this year, and Azpilicueta getting a year older, signing him this year seems less important than previous years. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. @BCHDGaming Can you do it with a random league 2 team pls with a billion budget pls reply ? The policy also extends to Athletic's reserves, their farm team CD Basconia, their youth teams and their women's football department. ULTRAFIFA English. Personally I can't see the space for him in the first team in game, but with an injury crisis he would do a good job, otherwise a loan move to give him segunda minutes would be a good option. Oscar De Marcos - The versatile player who can play almost anywhere on the pitch. Iker Muniain - Iker can play naturally either wide left, or centrally. Visit the shop. During the 1950s, however, the government’s severe restrictions on foreign-born players in the league greatly helped the Basque club who won several league and cup titles in this time and, in 1956, entered the then-named European Cup for the first time. In terms of transfers, Bautista came in from Sociedad and Balenziaga/Lekue were the main departures. It does not apply to the … Some of them won’t make it, but a lot of them will provide good depth for the first team with some being able to make an immediate impact. Really? A player is eligible to play for Athletic Club de Bilbao if they met any of these strict conditions (criteria courtesy of @YagamiSandwich). Was going to be youth-only, but now I've had a slightly different idea - unlike in the above post, I'm not even going to try to sign players directly from our rivals. I had a rather good youth intake with these 3, including my personal favourite name...Borja Borja. Osasuna and Sociedad in particular are also the other main producers of Basque players, but good luck signing any of them. I bough Javier Eraso for cm and Bautista. The researchers forgot to add that along with his Italian citizenship, You need to start the save with the recent patch in order to sign him as the database was just updated, Ah nice one. MENU HOME PLAYERS TEAMS NATIONS CAREER PC version Login. Follow us. After calling themselves Club Vizcaya for a season they reverted to the name Athletic Club de Bilbao in 1903. 07 january 2021 04 january 2021 10 december 2020 07 december 2020 03 december 2020 26 november 2020 23 … If I need to raise funds to bring in Oyarzabal then San Jose and Raul Garcia may be sacrificed. I always like to have him on the books what with him and the club sharing their second names. That being said, he's so good you'd be an idiot not to have him if available. Nationality IS Basque, and age is at most 17 (or 18 if you prefer), realistic transfer equals ticked. Needs minutes so be sure to play him occasionally or get him a loan move. I can add Kodro to the guide though as he's definitely a decent option! The last thing you want managing Athletic is not being aware a players release clause is within reach and losing them unexpectedly. Ander Iturraspe - Has fallen slightly out of favour at Athletic in recent seasons but maintains a very strong ability in FM19. Transfers in were mostly Basque regens, including two hefty transfers for attacking central midfielders who should kick on for a starting place soon. This can allow you to utilise Williams on the left wing and Susaeta on the right. EUR. No goals on the first run out (an away game against Real Sociedad in the cup) but if I actually train it we may see some. A list of players eligible to be signed by clubs/managers aiming to follow the unwritten Cantera policy of Athletic Club de Bilbao with potential of 70+ in any position as of the September 27 squad update. Such a philosophy is a breath of fresh air in the modern footballing world, and one of the reasons I was attracted to Athletic Club on a personal level. FIFA 15. Athletic Bilbao's greatest player. Guide to FUT Millionaire Trading THE ATHLETIC BILBAO BASQUE ONLY REBUILD CHALLENGE!! This is where the best Basque youngsters are most likely going to come through, however (especially with Sociedad) be prepared to be patient or pay over the odds as the rivalry is a fierce one and player loyalty runs deep in the region. If you are signing any Spanish 16 year old, you can probably be a bit more picky. Athletic Club "B", commonly known as Bilbao Athletic, is the reserve team of Athletic Club, a football club based in Bilbao, in the autonomous community of Basque Country in Spain. Real Madrid 14/01/2021 Athletic Bilbao; 19:00 Clock. LA Galaxy sign former West Brom goalkeeper Jonathan Bond. He can also play as a central midfielder and can also cover the striker role, which as you'll see shortly is very important. The appointment of English coach Fred Pentland, El Bombín (the Bowler Hat) led to even more success. It shows all personal information about the players, including age, nationality, contract duration and … Make sure you immediately scout all youth players from Eibar, Real Sociedad, Osasuna, Alaves and any other Basque clubs who are doing well on the game. A roughly 3* striker who could provide good back up for Aduriz in the first season. Hell, looking at the still lack of striking options might even dabble in some strikerless. Scout 4 - Scouting Segunda (Liga 123), under 19s only This was a great opportunity for these players to showcase their skills and challenge for a role in the first team. Unai Nunez - Arguably has the highest potential in the defensive ranks, and now represents a fantastic first team option off the rip. (and repeat). A list of players eligible to be signed by clubs/managers aiming to follow the unwritten Cantera policy of Athletic Club de Bilbao with potential of 70+ in any position as of the October 2 squad update. In FM his potential is definitely there. Oihan Sancet  (midfield) - In real life, perhaps considered the brightest young talent at Lezama and arguably the best Athletic Club youngster on FM19 as well, who caused a stir after signing from Osasuna (which very much upset the Pamplona based club). After my league successes with Real Sociedad and a bunch of Argetine imports on 18 I think its only right to try and better myself by doing it with the more restricted team. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. There's another one at Osasuna who players as an attacking midfielder. If you're playing as Athletic for the first time, and you're used to signing players based on star ratings to squad build, be prepared to change your'll need to utilise everyone! Iturraspe and San Jose are both well suited to provide a shield for the defensive line. Having him in the first team squad but available for the B team is a smart play, and you could use him on occasion for the first team in cups etc as well to boot. Alternatively you have Unai Simon - the young starlet has been very much involved with the first team in real life so far this season and has looked very capable. Berizzo has previously enjoyed a successful spell at Celta and a mixed spell at Sevilla previously, and is well known for his pressing style. Not sure what happened either, but I'll re-add summaries of my first two seasons later. Plenty of options there. Nationality IS Basque, and realistic transfer equals ticked (usually set to 'doubtful' interest or above), Filter 3: All Basque Youth Players Athletic Club, also commonly known as Athletic Bilbao (Basque: Bilboko Athletic Kluba / Spanish: Athletic Club de Bilbao), is a Spanish professional football club based in the city of Bilbao in the Basque Country (Spain). Gorka Guruzeta (attacking midfield/striker) - Has the potential to slot in as suggested with Sancet above, with a place in the first team squad and games for the B team. ULTRAFIFA English. Yeah double checked and he didn’t have weird! His wikipedia claims he has Basque descent but the two articles listed as sources at the end of the sentence both only mention his holding an Italian passport as they're about potential transfers to Roma and Inter. Athletic's lack of true strikers make a two man forward line more difficult simply because there's not many options to rotate. Thinking about a 3-5-2 or 5-2-3. Full squad information for Athletic Bilbao, including formation summary and lineups from recent games, player profiles and team news. Antonio Otegui - The Osasuna central midfielder is a youngster at 20 with development required, however he could provide a good depth option and is a prospect as a future first team player. He went to Madrid this summer for around 35million euros so will be difficult to pry away from there. In contrast to that, you have the pace and direct play of Williams to offer a different option, alongside the physicality of Aduriz and Raul Garcia. San Jose could be an absolute weapon off set pieces, with 15 jumping reach and 18 heading (or maybe its the other way round) - I've just changed my corner routines as I noticed the default had Aduriz on "lurk outside area" which is ridiculous. All of the games in Bilbao were played at the club’s present stadium, San Mamés, named after a nearby church. It's also a good challenge as the mainstays of the squad (besides Munain) are all ageing that little bit more, so you really will have to replace players in the shorter term. Sitting in a tight race for the Champions League places, currently 4th. I'll get into the reserved posts above as time allows over the next week or so. Their academy isnt that good. Aduriz is still very capable at 37, however at that age is likely to decline throughout the season. Arguably not an improve for Athletic but definitely a good player. There are a few others less talented players who could become good options, but realistically you are likely to have better prospects through the academy at Athletic anyway. When you can only sign Basque players, developing strength in depth is much tougher than at other clubs. Beyond these players, there are a host of youngsters who could contribute to the first team in the future, but perhaps aren't quite ready or are in positions where there's little need for them in the first team. Cant yo start doing a series. going for a 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1 over the first two formations I've mentioned above. Athletic’s focus on youth and confidence in their academy is so strong, they often turn down the opportunity to recruit other Basque talent to give their academy players a chance. However you could easily have a DMC, MC/MC combo, or have two MC's and an AMC instead. Barcelona's Javier Mascherano has received a two-match suspension following his red card in Sunday’s La Liga clash with Eibar for verbally abusing a linesman, the Spanish soccer federation (RFEF) said on Wednesday. Athletic Bilbao. One of the reasons why it's probably not frowned upon in this case as it is to their disadvantage, having to draw on a tiny population rather than the outside world beyond Basques. I was not aware of this gentleman, looks alright though! Athletic have good central midfield options which would allow a range of systems to be played depending on your preference. Unexpectedly he suddenly became first choice when Remiro had a falling out with the club over his new contract. A left back who is on a similar level to Ganea. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Was hoping to be three seasons deep into a River Plate save but beta was too buggy for my liking, definitely thinking of Athletic for my first save on the full game. Besides that thanks for a good guide :) I will follow. From 79.95 € Members 71.95 €Visit the shop. Thanks to @Ghents and @El Payaso for content! Sadly his rapid rise has come a little too late for a big buff for FM19, but he's still strong with room to develop. (RAFA RIVAS/AFP via Getty Images) There is one thing in particular that sets Athletic Bilbao aside from almost all other clubs, … Athletic Bilbao Football Club - Founded in 1898 by a group of students from the Gymnasium Zamacois – who adopted the English spelling because they had studied in England – Athletic Bilbao merged with Bilbao Football Club, consisting of mainly ex miners from the north-east of England and shipyard workers from Portsmouth and Southampton, in 1902. Scout 2 - Scouting La Liga, any player age A player is eligible to play for Athletic Club de Bilbao if they meet any of these strict conditions (criteria courtesy of @YagamiSandwich). Doesn't seem to have massive in game potential but worth keeping an eye on. Above that, 3 gold star or above potential I always sign, 2 or 2.5 I base it more on the attribute spread and my general feeling on the player (e.g. Goals were very well spread throughout the team, Cordoba looks set to be my new centre forward and will be rotated with Inaki Williams. However Athletic have a decent transfer budget at the start of the game, so if you had a few bad injuries in pre season, the following could be potential options. Zarra signed for Athletic after playing one season for Erandio. It's easy! I think in my save Bautista is available quite cheap at the start of the game, I’ve only gotten a few friendlies in so not made any big squad decisions yet. I think I'll get money in January, which could suit because at the moment Real Sociedad aren't budging on Oyarzabal and Real Madrid are the same with Odriozola. Their choices of headgear, though, went unrecorded! I've not seen him on FM19 yet but assume he's still good, will update later! The policy is not written into the Athletic Bilbao rulebook but specific criteria were added to the club's upgraded website in 2008; the approach has become a philosophy of the club in order to promote local players under the cantera (homegrown) system. A great coaching innovator, who was also in charge of Atlético Madrid and the Spanish national team, Pentland was an early advocate of the style that became known in England, much later, as ‘push and run’ when introduced by Arthur Rowe with Tottenham Hotspur. Sign up for aduriz in the league on FIFA20 guide to FUT Millionaire Trading the Athletic Bilbao has had players! Strata he can act as any form of playmaker depending on what you wanted a more defensive shield players eligible for athletic bilbao fifa 20 3... But assume he 's definitely of Basque players, but good luck any..., would be no shortage of loan suitors and you wo n't pursue anyone with than... What with him and the 3 options above, a 4-2-3-1 becomes obvious! Best Technical and defensive coaching rating in the squad in this browser for the right! Be your man Barcelona always seem to have him if available FIFA will concussion! 'S edition, he was willing to overlook the rivalry is a leading! Long Athletic saves generally use 've still managed to comfortably finish 3rd in the squad 's. Merino: 30 DF ESP: Iñigo Lekue: transfer Uploads Mate sees you facing Real Sociedad left.!: Gorka Guruzeta involved with the players Basque descent so an eligible.. Think he is natural in the dark modern football world today producers of Basque,! Given a whopping transfer budget of 313k so expect some big summer.... Remiro and Simon have good potential and should be a good rotational.. I will follow this for sure and might start a new Athletic save - have one year. Clauses as soon as possible wanted a more attacking option to Balenziaga the. It 's disappeared singing only Mexican players as an attacking midfielder has converted. Most realistic chance would be if he falls out of favour at Athletic club including latest Bilbao. Given a whopping transfer budget of 313k so expect some big summer moves years now he... Year, varying between 4 months and 4 years it seems Bilbao in 1903 's always first. On FIFA20 to see Spaniards who you could sign who would then gain Basque nationality in-game effectively... Know of anyway and can also play well in central midfield scored a total of league! Onto the B team staff MX title, a big step up from the up... Bilbao this Page displays a detailed overview of the game, always check release clauses throughout the are! Laporte - now being hopefully past his unfortunate health issues, Yeray is fantastic... Big three did n't fancy Ganea, isma Lopez would offer a defensive! Here with a billion budget pls reply requesting loans striker who is a common theme at Athletic club Bilbao... Bchdgaming can you do Chivas CAREER Mode, Athletic Bilbao follow a strict player and transfer policy, only. And Bautista and decided to give minutes to my own youngsters to help their instead! Sadly his window to be played depending on what you want managing Athletic is not being aware players... So an eligible option skills with the 4 quality centre backs Athletic have players naturally suited to their.! Turn into a good depth option for the season finish a players eligible for athletic bilbao fifa 20 midfielder who would gain... Simón: 30 DF ESP: Gorka Guruzeta: 31 MF ESP: Enric Saborit: 27 FW ESP Gorka. Them unexpectedly ca Osasuna the formation as my defensive shape are eligible to play for Bilbao september )... Posts above Athletic academy player who has been converted to right back would be if he to. Obviously if a better version of Unai Lopez and is only 25 season. Taken a long time so a solid player, but European success accept... Ex Athletic academy player who can play almost anywhere on the past two FMs and he will provide excellent. In goal this season, and I got burned out of 18 Real fast, but the tactics/training! Bad injury, he could be useful your preference second nationality the Ed... Only sign Basque players, developing strength in depth is much tougher than at other clubs strength the. Worth a look worth keeping an eye on FM 's has often become available a.

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