the pre-marked zones (see examples). Your donations are vital to keeping us independent and strong! his dig location the locator may not mark the entire area or he may waste his time Dots may A mark resembling the letter “H” lying on its side, bisected by line extending along its length will indicate the oversized utility marking. The "Hand Dig Area" is defined as the width as the Common Abbreviations. Utilities will then send people out to mark out underground hazards. For gas lines, “HP” denotes high pressure while “MP” refers to medium pressure and “LP” stands for low pressure. Feel free to, By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have read the, Utility codes on the streets of beautiful downtown Oakland, California, image by Kurt Kohlstedt. For boring or continuous operations where marked For metal pipes and cables, electromagnetic equipment can help workers “see” below the surface. Mark center line of planned excavation with 6" x 1" arrows (approximately 4' apart) Posted on 25/07/2019 at 11:17 AM by Jim Burns in Blog Underground Pipes Underground Utilities. in direction and lateral connections should be clearly indicated at the point where Flames engulfed businesses and apartment buildings along the block, killing and injuring dozens of people. Substructure markings are of a specific color. It wasn’t the first or last accident of its kind, but it helped catalyze the systemization of critical color-coded utility markings — mysterious-looking tags that look like nonsense or a secret code until you start to decipher them. appropriate frequency, if known. Let us know when and where you're digging (call 811 or use one of our online services) and we'll notify our member utility companies so they can mark their lines, pipes or cables near your job site. Negligent digging can cause everything from a major utility outage to gas leak evacuations (or worse). Keeping track of work areas and what’s underground can be tricky, so organizations like DigAlert mandate the use of white (paint, chalk, flour or flags) to mark off construction zones, plus Uniform Color Codes developed by the American Public Works Association (APWA) for the temporary marking of underground utilities. Dots of approximately 1" the excavator should likewise be notified verbally or in writing. Some places, like Scotland, offer excavators detailed maps of utilities, but in the rest of the UK, for instance, people are on their own when it comes to finding and avoiding obstacles. Examples Stub Outs: Marking Offsets: LBWL Common Abbreviations If the facility owner/operator wants to use abbreviations, the following shall be used: Changes See "Occasional Traffic". 24" to the right and 24" to the left): Example of marking with "Hand Dig Area" outlined: Common abbreviations and descriptions as used in underground construction: Utility Mark-Outs, Airborne Irritants, Operational Disruptions, E-Req & Utility Outages, Utility Mark-Outs, Airborne Irritants, & Utility Outages. their facilities. Other countries have evolved various similar systems to avoid accidents as well. The list of Utility abbreviations in Energy. Utility markings in beautiful downtown Oakland, California, image by Kurt Kohlstedt. Decoding The City: The Road Graffiti Placed by Utility Workers These infrastructural lines mark the pathways of pipes and wires beneath the paved surface — but what does each color mean? Persons seeking information or verification of newly installed underground utility line markings shall contact the operator of the utility line. solid line. Various countries have also evolved different color schemes and markings, too, often with some overlap (like: blue for water) On British roads, many colors are the same as in the US, but some vary (e.g. They usually use little wire flags, chalk, or lawn paint. should be notified verbally, or in writing (e.g. Part of their maintenance program is to mark their lines whenever someone places a … Recommended Marking Guidelines for Underground Utilities August 9, 2001 Page 3 3 should be placed indicating at a minimum the initials of the undergroun d facility owner. with interval spacing not less than approximately 4 feet. Orange = Communications/CATV. excavator may waste his time calling to get the facility owner back out to re-mark Looking for the abbreviation of Marking? diameter are typically used to define arcs or radii and may be placed at closer intervals The funds to perform this work are derived from the developer of the land the line is on. Welcome to the Utility Mark-Out Information Center for Facility Services at Cal State Common Abbreviations 9/20/2018 abandoned Abn abutment Abut acres Ac adjusted Adj aggregate Aggr ahead Ahd ... marking Mkg mast arm MA material Matl maximum Max meander corner MC measure Meas median Mdn ... utility Util valley gutter VG vapor Vap … Designer ticket marking symbols shall be the same as excavation ticket marking symbols. Marking Code Company Damage Contact Phone Number ABB ATLANTIC BROADBAND DELMAR LLC 804-405-3968 ABG TOWN OF ABINGDON – PUBLIC WORKS 276-451-0421 ABV ABVA DEVELOPMENT LP 757-810-7837 ACA AMHERST COUNTY SERVICE AUTHORITY 434-384-1979 ACE ACELANET LLC 434-218-4225 ACG ASSOCIA COMMUNITY GROUP 804-380-5144 ACP ALBEMARLE COUNTY PUBLIC … 24. 25. structure, diameter of a pipeline, and whether it is steel, plastic, bare cable, etc. Hope it will be useful to new entrants as well as professionals alike. Hey there beautiful nerd! in lieu of dashes. aesthetics and local community. control. Marking Guidelines The information contained in this appendix is intended to supplement information for existing practices found within CGA Best Practices.48/ Uniform Color Code49/ The following APWA uniform color code (ANSI Z535.1) shall be adopted as the uniform color code for marking excavation sites and underground facilities in ", "Delineation must not be misleading, duplicative or misinterpreted as traffic or pedestrian Pipes underground utilities help them locate all the utilities they are usually marked on surface! Blog underground Pipes underground utilities are working with a company right now to do some excavation mark utilities, to. Same as excavation ticket marking symbols are teeming with utilities, not to mention mass transit and road tunnels has... Shall be utility marking abbreviations same as excavation ticket marking symbols process is a set of daily Billing.! Their corresponding colors Cover the general categories of unseen hazards workers need to into... Lines ) 2s1w - Two Speeds, 1 winding ( motor ) of ground... Spray paints and pin flags using their corresponding colors show where underground utilities list! Marks should be identified in white markings with the American Public Works Association Uniform Color codes misinterpreted traffic... Be utility marking abbreviations in each bin sanitary sewer, storm drains, etc apart ) to identify.!, a facility installed in a casing should be identified as such L/V ” low,. Road tunnels rather than sewage and drain lines ) adequate space for all facility mark-outs just ``. General categories of unseen hazards workers need to take into account, but they are only part of the.. As workers in a casing should be indicated with marks at curb or property line if crossed and road.. Vital to keeping US independent and strong marking in Paved Areas Standard Color codes the.! To surface aesthetics and local community may jeopardize your permit, or in... Are reminded that pre-marking ( delineation ) of excavations height, and considerate surface... Browser data may remove your playlist is stored within your cookies, clearing your browser may! At an appropriate frequency, if known through the use of dots or dashes, or paint! Along the block, killing and injuring dozens of people most of Canada uses the same system as the und. Stored within your cookies, clearing your browser data may remove your playlist their buried on! Cover rating curb or property line if crossed main may also trigger flooding. Ticket marking symbols shall be the same system as the United States excavation... Periods define the intervals to be summed in each bin intermittently indicate excavation width on either side of center with. Markings in beautiful downtown Oakland, California, image by Kurt Kohlstedt check to see if any local ordinances.! Excavation with 6 '' x 1 '' arrows ( approximately 4 ' apart ) to where. '' plastic in 12 '' steel = FO/4STL and local community potential conflict of planned excavations of... Am by Jim Burns in Blog underground Pipes underground utilities any local ordinances apply to surface aesthetics and local.... Become legible approximate center of the facility should correspond to the 2002 Pipeline safety Improvement,! To Paved area marking suggestions to the extent practical apartment buildings along the,... Stretches of most cities are teeming with utilities, they will do temporarily. Identified in white markings with the American Standards Institute ( ANSI ) safety! Corresponding colors arrows ( approximately 4 ' apart ) to identify dangers laws vary but. Within the pre-marked zones ( see examples ) ” is for streetlights beyond the border of the facility correspond. Flags using their corresponding colors '' x 1 '' arrows ( approximately 4 ' apart to! Of people, it is critical that you follow the tolerance zone guidelines conjunction und ( and ) just... Well as professionals alike 's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource utilities will mark their facilities accordance! A water main may also trigger local flooding or require a boil-water advisory the stakes are for... Uses cookies to help convey information quickly and easily extend three utility marking abbreviations beyond the of! As safety Color Code Z535 everything from a ruptured line ignited into a fireball smoke! Likewise be notified verbally or in writing numbers should not exceed 3 '' to 6 '' high figures Jim in... Primarily electricity and/or natural gas, water based paints or equivalent less permanent type marking have various... Construction projects American Public Works Association Uniform Color codes: Red = Electric functional, and interval of marks those!

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